Club Blackout 16. Sep. ’05

Right!  Hier also nun die Playlist der (ersten) From the Ashes im Blackout.

Astrovamps - Sodom Elementary/Alice in Gothland
Libitina - Painted Whiter Than White
Deep Eyende - Devil Child
Scary Bitches - I am the woman who killed...
Eternal Afflict - Warchild
Cinema Strange - Lindsey's Trachea (Wunsch)
Bloody Dead & Sexy - Sick Six Minutes
Proyecto Mirage - Not my rule
Irikarah - Against Moscow
This Morn Omnia - One Eyed Man
XEX - S.N.G.A.
Bats Without Flesh - Retention
No More - Suicide Commando (Wunsch)
ADN' CHRYSTALL - Deutsch Napalm
Dive - Rocket USA (Wunsch)
Poesie Noire - Starvation of a Mind
Sex Gang Children - Barbarossa Remix
Loop - Arc-Lite/Sonar
Clan Of Xymox - Jasmine and Rose (Wunsch)
Danse Society - We're so happy
SITD - [K.A.] (Wunsch)
Feindflug - Roter Schnee
Death Squad vs. B'nai B'Rith - RN rmx
Janitor - Mothers Womb
Thomas Leer & Robert Rental - Day breaks, night heals
Alien Skull Paint - The Death
Doppler Effect - 4 Day Romance
Velodrom - Glassfabrik
Welle:Erdball - Total Normal
Puppie - One way or another
A.B.C. - Figures
Informatics - Sattelite to Russia
Metro Pakt - Neue Strassen
Crash Course In Science - Flying Turns
V,Sor-X - Commercial Breakthrough
B-Movie - Nowhere Girl Ext. (Wunsch)
Lords Of The New Church - Dance with me
Mittageisen - Automaten Radio Version
Harry - She's in Parties
Klack Klack - 19/19 (Wunsch)
OMD - Electricity
New Days Delay - Stereo Katastrophe (Wunsch)
Scarlet's Remains - Metall Heiligenschein
Manson - Astonishing Panorama (auf vielfachen Wunsch)
Haus Arafna - Song for a murder (Wunsch)
Dive - Back to nature (Wunsch)
Dave Ball - In Strict Tempo (Wunsch)
Calva Y Nada - Diaz Felices (Wunsch)
Force Dimension - Fiebertanz
*zensiert* (Wunsch)
Matthias Schuster - Ich war da, leergebrannt
Guerre Froide - Demain Berlin
Geisterfahrer - Mein Kind (Wunsch)
Sisters Of Mercy - 1969
Kas Product - So young but so cold
Kirlian Camera - Nightship 451
Leila K. - Ca plane pour moi (Wunsch)
Esplendor Geometrico - Disco Rojo
Mono No Aware - Tepalock
Thorofon - Riot Dictator
Einstürzende Neubauten - Feurio
Alien Sex Fiend - Hurricane Fighter Plane (Wunsch)
1919 - Tear down these Walls (Wunsch)
Bauhaus - The man with the x-ray Eyes (Wunsch)
Altered Images - Happy Birthday
Ruth - Polaroid Roman Photo (Wunsch)
Dark Day - Danger/Dancer
Grauzone - Wütendes Glas
The Arch - Ribdancer
Bauhaus - Lagartija Nick
Nina Hagen - Smack Jack
Elesde - Im klinischen Sinne (Wunsch)
Rational Youth - Saturdays in Silesia (Wunsch)
Alien Skull Paint - Fly with me (Wunsch)
Inbase - Christine
Fad Gadget - Collapsing new people (Wunsch)
Human League - Black hit of space
Napoleon XIV - They're coming to take me away
2 Belgen - Quand le film est triste
Exploited - Hitler's in the Charts again
Wreckage - Wait for the Blackout
*zensiert* (Wunsch)
XTC - Making Plans for Nigel
Stephan - Wir wollen tanzen gehen
Men Without Hats - Safety Dance (Wunsch)
Yazoo - Goodbye 70s
Soft Cell - Soul inside
The Cure - Prayers for Rain
Zombina & The Skelletones - Nobody likes you
Deep Eyende - 13th Floor
Review - A Message
Murder At The Registry - Pump
Faith & The Muse - Relic Song
Valor - This is heresy (Wunsch)
NOX - Cannibal Night
Sister Of Mercy - Temple of love (Wunsch)
Kirlian Camera/O.E.M - Frankie Teardrop
Honeymoon Killers - Route National 7

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