Kings ’n‘ Queens 25. Sep. ’07

Oh my Goth! Ich hatte ganz verdrängt dass in Muenchen „Wiesn-Zeit“ ist. Naja, wir haben es überlebt (und nicht mal ein billiges T-Shirt als Andenken erhalten)!

Foetus - I'll meet you in Poland Baby (Live)
Current 93 - I arise
KUKL - France (A mutual thrill)
This Empty Flow - Distress
In Corrodors - Holiday
Irrelevant - Flying
The Cold - World came down
Nightmare Of The Elf - Is it real?
Polysics - Making Sense
The Fever - Ladyfingers
Die Radierer - Probleme
Schwarze Bewegung - Traumfrau
Camp Sophisto - Obsession
Exkurs - Fakten sind Terror
Dirty Actions - Bandana Boys
The Dancing Did - Badger Boys
Zimbo Chimps - In a cave
Poesie Noire - Oblivion
The Mary Onettes - Lost
Editors - An end has a start
The Prids - The Glow
Bloc Party - Price of gasoline
Gang Of Four - Anthrax
Blaue Reiter - a correct adulation of himself
The Wake (UK) - Testament
In The Nursery - E984
Joy Of Life - Robbed while we slept
Fra Lippo Lippi - A moment like this
Siglo XX - Obsession
Entertaime.nt - China Walls
Heart Of Snow - Aim
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Sin in my heart
Style Sindrome - Waving in the dark
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps
She Wants Revenge - These Things
Crispy Ambulance - We move through the plateau
6 <omm - Othila
Zurueck Placenta - Demain
Not - Atmosphere
Killing Joke - Eighties
Pagans - Boy, can I dance good
Dead Kennedys - Holiday in Cambodia
The Cramps - Sunglasses after dark
The Horrors - Sheena is a parasite
Misfits - Mars Attacks
Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop
Peter And The Test Tube Babies - The Jinx
II. Invasion - Lager
Gun Club - Sex Beat
Josef K. - Sorry for laughing
Maximo Park - Apply some pressure (Demo Version)
The Organ - Sudden Death
The Smiths - Panic
Plasticines - La regle du jeu
Rotzkotz - Tante EMI
Mittagspause - Herrenreiter
Boxhamsters - Beende deine Jugend
Interpol - Slow Hands
Radio 4 - Eyes wide open
The Libertines - Don't look back into the sun
X-Ray Specs - Oh bondage up yours!
Le Tigre - Decapitation
The Vanishing - Lovesick
The Longcut - Transition
Berurier Noir - Vive le feu
Ludwig Von 88 - Sur la vie d'mon pere
Crisis - Holocaust
Nouvelle Vague - Bela Lugosi is dead
New Model Army - Vagabonds
Why? Things Burn - 630
Carpathian Forest - A Forest
Joy Division - She's lost control
DI6 - Holy Water
Trisomie 21 - Waiting For (Remix)
Mephisto Walz - Painted Black
Corpus Delicti - Patient
Fields Of The Nephilim - Volcano (Mr. Jealosy has returned)

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