Club Onyx 16. Jun. ’07

Vielen Dank an alle die mit uns diesen Abend verbracht haben! Hoffentlich sehen wir uns demnaechst wieder.

Lucrate Milk - Sie sagte mir (Kommando Suicide)
Zadera - Narrow shell
Christian Death - Tales of innocence
This Dark Noise - Come to me
London After Midnight - Let me break you
Sisterhood - Rain from heaven
Ikon - Condemnation
Inkubus Sukkubus - Belladonna & Acconite
Happy Cadavres - Diane
Hazel O'Conner - Monsters in disguise
Data Bank A - The girl with the patent leather face
Dave Steward & Barbara Gaskin - It's my party
Siouxsie And The Banshes - Peek-a-boo
Lady Bersery's Garden - Andy Warhol
Untoten - Doom
The Electric Hellfire Club - Satan's little helpers
Audra - Cabaret fortune teller
Iggy Pop - Funtime
Killing Joke - Wardance
Joy Of Life - Robbed while we slept
Robert Rental - On location
Pink Turn Blue - That was you
Skeletal Family - So pure
X-mal Deutschland - Mondlicht
Asmodi Bizarr - Spin the wheel [W]
Berurier Noir - Salut a toi
Buzz - Lo sai
Alu - Bitte warten Sie!
Perverse Teens - La divine
Pseudo Electronixx - Oh Zampano!
Skanfrom - My new 7''
Thermostatic - 5W337 9RL
Robots In Disguise - Boys
Adult. - Hold your breath
The Vanishing - Lovesick
Heart Of Snow - Red
Angelfish - Dogs in a cage
Cocteau Twins - Garlands
Rubella Ballet - Slant & slide
Ex-Voto - Falling apart
Suspiria - (Now we see) the swine
Screaming For Emily - The Love
New Days Delay - Vermutlich hysterisch [W]
Swans - Love will tear us apart (Red Version) [W]
Why? Things Burn - 630
GD Luxxe - Airforce One
Alien Sex Fiend - Stuff the turkey
Sexbeat - Pump
The Horatii - Body of the fish
Stephan Eicher - Noise Boys
Grauzone - Wütendes Glas
Spartak - Religion
Cat Rapes Dog - Where the f*** are you? [W]
Blue Eyed Christ - Catch my fall [W]
Karen Finley - Tales of taboo
1919 - Can this be real [W]
Skeletal Family - Ritual
Murder At The Registry - Pump
Danse Society - Ambition [W]
Cinema Strange - Speak Marauder [W]
Frank The Baptist - Silver is her colour [W]
Ghost Of Lemora - Dread the day (the cities rise)
Zadera - You have lost
Zadera - Circulation
H-Bomb White Noise - Modern destroyed
Echo West - 1-2-3-4 [W]
Alien Skull Paint - City lights
Thomas Leer & Robert Rental - Night breaks day heals
Xeno & Oaklander - Zurück
Throbbing Gristle - Something came over me
Silicon Teens - Sun Flight
Warum Joe - Datcha [W]
Soft Cell - Metro MRX
Fad Gadget - Ricky's hand
Depeche Mode - Ice machine [W]
Absolute Body Control - Melting away
Covenant - Dead Stars [W]
Front 242 - Body to body
A Split Second - Colonial discharge [W]
Einstürzende Neubauten - Haus der Lüge [W]
Intrinsic Action - Male payment
Blackhouse - Remember who took the fall
Sutcliffe Jügend - Act 3 [W]
Velocity Star - Warm Leatherette
Danielle Dax - Pariah
The Chameleons (UK) - Don't fall [W]
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Halloween
Siglo XX - Sister Suicide [W]
Joy Division - Atmosphere
Klack Klack - 19/19
Horrorpops - Psychobitches outta hell [W]
Zombina And The Skeletones - Nobody likes you when you're dead
Deep Eynde - 13th floor
The Creepshow - Doghouse [W]
Misfits - Mars attacks [W]
Scary Bitches - You'll end up looking like the Scary Bitches [W]
Faith And The Muse - Romeo's Distress
The Arch - Ribdancer
Invincible Spirit - Contact
Testcard F - If only it wasn't [W]
1000 Ohm - A.G.N.E.S. [W]
Les Visiteurs Du Soir - Je t'ecris d'un pays
Informatics - Satelite to Russia [W]
Der Plan - Gummitwist
Spizz Energi - Where's Cpt. Kirk? [W]
Joy Division - Ice Age [W]
The Dark - Masque
Mecano - Escape the human myth [W]
Caprifischer - Wir flieh'n für einen Tag [W]
I'm So Hollow - Touch
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Walk on hands [W]
Rezurex - Dia de los muertos [W]
Zadera - Über die Jahre
Geisterfahrer - Himmel auf Erden
Virgin Prunes - Pagan Love Song [W]
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Hong Kong Garden [W]
Skinny Puppy - Worlock [W]
Dive - 39 stiches
Kirlian Camera - Blue Room
Untoten - Spermfinger
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - Death is not the end

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