Kings ’n‘ Queens 26. Feb. ’07

Von 20.15 Uhr bis 0.30 Uhr liefen folgende Stuecke an diesem Abend. Vielen Dank an alle die da waren…

In The Nursery - Witness to a scream
Ike Yard - Night after night
Royal Family & The Poor - Voices
The Passage - Fear
Gang Of 4 - Damaged Goods
The Mob - Dance on (you fool)
Vice Squad - New Blood
Mephisto Waltz - Trible Conflicts
Death In June - All alone in her Nirvana
Zimbo Chimps - In a cave
Wermut - Vague a l'ame
Naevus - Parade
The Wake (UK) - English Rain
Blitz - Telecommunication
I'm So Hollow - The triangular hour
Polysics - Making sense
Frustration - On the rise
Mecano - Escape the human myth
Stunt Kites - Home sweet home
Sad Lovers & Giants - Things we never did
Section 25 - After image
Red Zebra - TV activity
Muzak - Ilha Urbana
Insanasomnia - Theatre figuratif
Birthday Party - Release the bats
Kabuki - I am a horse
Blurt - Get
Minimal Compact - Next one is real
A Certain Ratio - Choir
Ciccone Youth - Into the groovy
Resistance - Across the ocean
Jad Wio - Colours in my dream
The Organ - Memorize the city
Angelfish - Dogs in a cage
Audra - The glass house
Bauhaus - Burning from the inside
Brygada Kryzys - Centrala
Crisis - Afraid
Chrome - In a dream
Rosengarten - Bessere Zeiten
Exces Nocturne - Le soleil c'est noye
Baroque Bordello - L'autre
Clan Of Xymox - Medusa
Big Electric Cat - Eyelash
Opera Multi Steel - Du son des cloches
Berurier Noir - Il tua son petit frere
End Of Data - Sahrah
Fahrenheit 451 - Strangers on a train
Eva - Plastic Passion
The Easy Cure - I'm cold
Brian Eno - Thrird uncle
Leisure Hive - Happy Accidents
Purr Machine - Monkey Dreams
Under A Purple Sky - Embrace
She Wants Revenge - Tear you apart
Siglo XX - Waiting for a friend
New Order - Dreams never end
Joy Division - A means to an end
Dead Can Dance - Fortune
For Against - Shine
Caprifischer - Wir flieh'n fuer einen Tag
Stimmen Der Stille - Sahara
Cocteau Twins - But I'm not
The Arms Of Someone New - The spiral of sleep
Jacket Wather - Trust

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